The computing curriculum at St Michael’s is, in part, about investigation and problem solving. Where possible, the skills of computing are taught alongside other curriculum areas such as presenting data collated from a science experiment or solving a design problem digitally. Through our computing curriculum, we aim to develop children’s problem solving skills, creating young people that can find solutions. We also want our pupils to grow up feeling safe and happy online. Therefore, we aim to support our pupils to be aware and understand the implications of technology for both the individual and society as a whole as they become digitally literate.  In order to achieve this, e safety is taught weekly alongside computing lessons from Reception to Year 6. The progression in e- safety supports children to make good choices online and develop essential skills for life. It allows them to become safe and responsible participants in the exciting online world that continues to offer new opportunities for learning and play. It is part of everybody’s responsibility to ensure regular e safety messages and skills are taught that will enable children to access the many benefits and avoid the dangers. 

E Sense Overview

Computing Yearly Overview