We are looking forward to our exciting new curriculum in Year 5 this year.

In English we will be following the quest of two cousins as they solve the mystery of their family member’s disappearance and using this to inspire writing our own quest stories with elements of mystery. We will also be writing persuasive letters to local sports teams to convince them that a free coaching session would benefit both Year 5 and their team. We will be working very hard on our handwriting and spelling, ensuring that we can spell our 200 high frequency words accurately. We will also be focusing on our handwriting as we have the opportunity to earn our “pen licence” and make the switch from pencil to pen.

In Maths this year we will be concentrating on: Roman numerals and place value, rounding up or down, looking at the relationship between decimals and money, and making decisions about real-life situations.  We will also be exploring shapes, looking at their properties and calculating perimeter and area. We will consolidate our work on formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Our topic in the Autumn term is the USA and California – linking with the Rugby World cup. During our topic, we will be using our locational knowledge and further developing this. We will also be learning about the times zones across the states and the wider world alongside exploring the physical features of California.

We will also be having the opportunity to visit the Scout Centre at Woodhouse where we will be putting our team work skills (and our nerve!) to the test in a range of exciting outdoor activities.

We have an exciting and challenging year ahead!