Year 3: Mr Clee

Welcome to Year 3

This is an important year for the children as they move from the infants to the juniors.

We will cover several topics this year, including the Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire and Rivers. Please see our overview for the year as a guide to the children’s learning.

So far we have been finding out about the true story of Jemmy Button, a boy taken from his native home in 1831 by the HMS Beagle and brought to England to be civilised. We have been imagining what it would be like when Jemmy first met the explorers in his home of Tierra del Fuego and we wrote diary entries from the viewpoint of Jemmy or one of the explorers. We dyed our diary entries with tea to make them appear authentic!

In DT we are embarking upon a paddle boat project to create an elastic band powered vessel capable of travelling one metre with a Lego sailor on board. Weather permitting; we are hoping to hold a paddle boat regatta on Flaxpits Pond later this term.

In Maths we are hoping to go shopping to practice our money and calculation skills. Last year we took the Year 3 class to Winterbourne News and used our receipts to calculate with back in the classroom.

Hopefully this will be an exciting and rewarding year for the class and they will enjoy their first taste of the new curriculum.