Year 2: Miss Paine

In Year 2 we are the biggest children in the infants. We help the Year 1 and Reception children by setting a good example and by showing them what to do.


We have many exciting topics throughout the year including the ‘Race to Space’, discovering what happened during the Great Fire of London and learning about a small village in Uganda. There will also be various ‘WOW’ events throughout the year and some of these involve us getting dressed up!


Please feel free to look at the curriculum overview which will explain what your child will be learning each term.


As Year 2 is the end of Key Stage 1 we do have statutory assessments (SATS) in the summer. The SATS includes some tests, but the overall level is based on my teacher assessment.


The infant nativity is always a big highlight for the children as this year they take the leading roles! We also lead the Easter Service where all the children have a speaking part if they want one. In the summer term we will go on a school trip which is always great fun.


It’s a busy year and by the end the children are ready to become a junior!


Miss Paine and Mrs O’Leary