Year 2: Mr Bailey

Welcome to Year 2

Welcome one and all to Year 2!

We have a fantastic year ahead. During the Autumn terms we will be exploring the question ‘Do all children see the same things on their way to school?’. To investigate this we will be looking at the human and physical features in our local environment; from the Huckford Viaduct to the shops on Flaxpits Lane. We will also learn about our local climate and habitats around Winterbourne that provide home to our local wildlife.

Later in the term, we will be comparing our local geography and journey to school with other children’s journeys in two different parts of the world. We will explore the equatorial climate and geography of Pereira in Colombia. We will also be learning about one of the coldest journeys to school in Oymyakon in Siberia, Russia. It will be fascinating to compare the features and wildlife children experience in these two places.

In the Spring terms we will be learning about mysteries in history. We will be using our enquiry skills as historians to discuss evidence and try to interpret the past. Finally, in the Summer terms, our class will be finding out why science is so fascinating and how the curiosity of scientists has made the world a better place.

Throughout the year we will continue to develop our writing; both in formation and creativity. We will continue to write for different purposes and celebrate courageous use of language and the tenacity to try our best. In maths we will look for the patterns and relationships in the number system as well as learning different strategies to approach problem solving.

I am really excited to be able to watch the class grow in confidence and ability this year and look forward to telling you all about it! Thank you for all of your support with our Year 2 learning so far and your continued support in the future.
Mr Bailey