Values and Aims

The School’s Aims

Learn ~ Care ~ Enjoy

This school aims to be a learning community in which all:

             .           achieve their full potential

            .           are motivated to work independently and collaboratively

             .           take initiative and responsibility

             .           show respect and consideration for others and their environment

Therefore, to achieve the school’s aims we will provide: 

–           high quality teaching that challenges pupils

–           a curriculum that:

.           is balanced and broadly based

.           has effective systems for assessing pupils’ achievements

.           has equality of access and opportunity for pupils

.           offers a programme of enrichment through extra-curricular activities and visits

–           opportunities for the personal development of pupils

–           support and guidance for pupils’ well-being

–           opportunities for parents to contribute to pupils’ learning

–           leadership and management that:

.           promotes and sustains high achievement in educational standards

.           plans the effective use of staff, resources and accommodation

.           aims to provide value for money in terms of educational standards achieved

 We are committed to:

–           promoting and sustaining high achievement in all aspects of the School’s life; and

–           working together to achieve the School’s Aims

We are a Church of England Primary School and this gives us a particular outlook on educating children.  As with the very early days of most church schools the education was offered to all children no matter what their beliefs, tradition, racial or economic background.  The very foundation of the school is based on inclusion and treating all people with respect.  We wholeheartedly embrace that and endorse this in our motto:  Learn ~ Care ~ Enjoy.

We are proud of our academic standards and constantly seek to improve the practice of our staff and enhance the learning of the children.  We place an emphasis on attainment and achievement for all children according to their abilities.  We strive to channel children’s natural aptitudes and develop all their skills.

We especially care for the whole child allowing time in school for adults to listen and care for all their needs.  We have created a safe and secure environment in well developed and enhanced school grounds.  We have good relationships with parents and children and value the partnership in helping children to learn.

We also recognise the uniqueness and joy in every child and give opportunities for children to form memories and experiences that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

By sending your child to our school we welcome you into our community.  We value your opinion and interest in your child’s education.  As such we would like to invite you to contact us if you need to know more and look forward to you participating in our school activities.