Parent Teacher Association

PTA Committee 2019-2020

Michelle Pace (Chair)                           Nikky Braund (Vice Chair)

Cecily Leverton & Hannah Ringrow (Secretary)                   Lucy Baggs (Treasurer)

Class Reps

Reception: Hayley Heley

Year 1: Hayley Newland

Year 2: Charlotte King

Year 3: Helen Porter

Year 4: Suzy Saunders

Year 5: Heather Jones

Year 6: Sarah Lyne

We are blessed with a very hardworking PTA who do lots to help make St Michael’s an even better place to come to school.

They organise many events of their own and are always willing to offer support at other school events, providing light refreshments during Christmas productions,  Leaver’s musical and many more.

The main events organised by the PTA include:
Christmas Fayre – Summer Fayre – Cake Sales – Easter Egg Hunt

Meetings are held regularly and anyone is able to attend.  The more the merrier!

We would welcome more volunteers for fresh ideas and inspiration! Please do contact school if you would be interested or your class rep – your child’s class teacher can point you in the right direction.

Minutes of recent PTA meetings are below.
PTA minutes 17-01-2020
PTA minutes 10-11-19
PTA Minutes 03.10.19 
PTA Minutes 05.05.19
PTA MINUTES 21.01.19
PTA minutes 11.9.18