All websites have been checked but please remember that St Michael’s takes no responsibility for the content of external websites, so please ensure suitability yourself before use, thank you.

Site title Description
Crickweb – educational resources and games A nice array of educational games and resources which you might find useful for helping your child in all areas of the curriculum.
Schools Net Ideas on how to support your child’s learning in school.
Education Department Find out about your child’s education; how are they taught; how are they tested; how are they monitored.
Gridclub A safe site for the children to enhance their learning in all areas of the curriculum.
ICT Games Something fun for everyone!
Local Authority The South Gloucestershire Website.
Mathcats Numeracy for cat lovers!
Maths is Fun  Lots of interactive maths games
Maths Zone A whole host of maths, in a zone!
Multiplication games Are you learning your tables? These games will help!
N Rich Maths A really good problem solving site.
Parents Online Advice and Help for Parents.
Primary Games Have a look the type of games we use on the interactive whiteboards!
Snaith Primary Information and activities related to the curriculum.
TES i-board activities Flash based games to help with all aspects of the maths curriculum – be warned, these will be used by your teacher too!
Times Table Rockstars A fun way to learn the times tables.
The BBC Schools Website A really useful website where you can enhance your child’s learning across the curriculum.
The Channel 4 Website for schools A really useful website to enhance your child’s learning across the curriculum.
Touch typing A fun way to learn the skills of touch typing.
Who Wants to be a Mathionaire? Have a go and “win” £1 million!
Woodlands Junior Website Lots of fun activities and interesting facts about the curriculum..