"At St Michael's Primary School, our school motto says it all – if you are enjoying yourself, you care for others and yourself, then you will learn to your full potential"


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Super Scientists

Year 6 have been investigating whether you can use a lemon to light a bulb. “Although we didn’t manage to light the bulb, we had lots of discussion about the reasons why. Next time, we are going to try using different nails and using more lemon to create a stronger ‘battery’. We did successfully use…


Here at school we feel incredibly lucky to have the support of such wonderful families. Together we have been collecting old ink cartridges that can be recycled. We have now filled the recycling box, which has raised a fantastic £72.25 for our school and prevented empty cartridge waste in our land fills. Together we can…

Protect The Egg

Year 3 spent time this week designing and making a parachute to protect an egg. They had to use their knowledge of materials to create a parachute that would cushion their egg and safely land it on the ground. We launched our parachutes and observed how gravity pulled them towards the Earth. We learnt that…