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St Michael's C of E Primary School



Assessment is a tool to aid children’s learning and progression through education. Teaching, learning and assessment are inter-related.  Assessment and its recording should form a natural part of teaching and learning activities thereby ensuring pupil progression and curriculum continuity.  All assessments should be measured against age related expectations referenced by the National Curriculum. Accordingly, pupils’ achievements will be reported to parents, when transferring schools and to the wider community and be used as a measure to monitor standards in our School.

Principles for Assessment   

Assessment in our school will be in two forms, summative and formative.

Summative assessment will:

  • demonstrate achievement against National Curriculum Programmes of Study
  • demonstrate progress in learning
  • be understandable to parents to allow them to support children in their learning
  • be understandable to third parties
  • be shared and understood by all staff and Governors
  • be consistent and fair, based on a range of evidence
  • be appropriate to the level of development of the child
  • be moderated
  • be used to inform allocation of resources e.g. CPD, personnel, equipment

Formative assessment will:

  • progress high expectations of learning
  • inform planning, teaching and learning
  • be understandable to pupils
  • be consistent and fair
  • be achievable, and rewards and recognises success whilst providing next steps in learning
  • meet clear objectives linked to the Programmes of Study
  • be manageable and addresses the balance of teaching, marking, assessing and learning
  • allow pupils to contribute to their own learning
  • be rigorous and judged against agreed standards

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