Year 6 Learning

Term 6: 13.07.20 – final week

This week I would like you to complete your leavers’ book. Fill the pages with all your wonderful memories of your time at St Michael’s. Find the link for the leavers’ book below. I have included a few maths revision sheets to keep you busy.

Term 6: 06.07.20

Leavers’ booklet:

As you get older, you will start to think about what job you would like to do. This may change several times between now and when you do actually start working and that is fine.  Some people, however, do know what they want to do and will end up doing that job as an adult. For now, think about what you might want to do as a job.

Term 6: 29.06.20

The theme this week is Africa. You are going to go on a safari. Your goal is to notice as many birds, bugs, creepy-crawlies and any other animals you can. Look through the Kenya power point and create a travel brochure to inform tourist of the climate, what they can expect to do there, what life is like there, what food they can expect to eat and popular places to visit. Try to include pictures and subheadings to ensure your brochure is easy to read and eye catching!

Term 6: 22.06.20

The Island. Whilst out exploring, you have come across an uninhabited and undiscovered island, which you can now claim as your own kingdom Where is the world will you island be? You will be creating a persuasive brochure and this may take some time, so I haven’t included as many reading and SPAG activities If you are able to, have a look at the document that accompanies this week’s task – called The island presentation. You do not need to print this document (it is 36 pages!) but will give you more detail about the activities. Each lesson number relates to a specific part of ‘The island’ presentation.

Term 6: 15.06.20

Don’t forget to email a photo of your design by 12pm Friday.

I will uploaded your entries to the class gallery page so your friends can see your designs.

This week is ‘Safety Week’. Your Learning grid has lots of opportunities to learn how to stay safe in a range of different situations. Below you will find everything you will need to complete your tasks. These sheets do not have to be printed but are there to support your learning. Video calls will take place on Thursday this week.

Term 6: 08.06.20

This week you are going to creating a state-of-the-art gadget for a spy, or one for school, or even one to use around your house. You are going to be persuading readers to buy one of the gadgets, a bit like an advert you might get on TV, in a magazine or even on the side of a bus! Video calls will take place on Thursday this week.

You do not need to print all of these sheets. Some are just help sheets to support your learning.

Term 6: 01.06.20

The focus this week is designing a theme park. I understand lots of you received transition packs from your secondary school and I know this is a lot of work for you to complete. I will continue to set the work in the same format as before, but do understand that now have additional work to complete, you may not be able to finish all the year 6 activities. Video calls will take place on Thursday this week.

Week 7: 18.05.20

Video link:

Here are the sheets you will need this week:

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