Year 5 Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,

Hope you are all well and keeping your spirits up. It has been great to receive some emails over the past week showing me your children’s learning. I have put my school email in this week’s learning grid if you wish to send me anything. I am also looking out for challenges on times tables rockstars!

Please check out as they have released many children’s audiobooks for free. If you are looking for more maths related ideas, ‘The mathsfactor’ by Carol Voderman is now free online.

I have attached this week’s learning grid below. Hopefully there will be enough there to keep you busy over the next few days. Don’t forget to join in with Joe Wicks at 9:00am. I have been jumping around doing star jumps every morning and it’s a great way to start the day feeling energised.

Useful websites, learning grids and other resources

Mr Clee

Star of the week

The star of the week is Amber for sending me lots of pictures and updates of her home learning. She has also been helping her brother and been doing lots of exercise. Well done Amber!

Our Home learning so far

I hope to see you all soon and I will be in touch,