Year 1 Learning

The Huckford Viaduct Explorers

Welcome to the Year 1 page. I will be using this page and email to keep you updated with learning opportunities for your child at home during the current school closures.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns about the activities in the learning grid attached or how to use the websites listed here.

Each learning grid has a date in the title. The date denotes which Monday and subsequent week each grid is for. I am going to leave all of the grids on the website in case anyone would like to go back and complete an activity from a previous grid.

Week 1

Week 2

Easter Holidays

We are not setting any additional work over the Easter holidays to give everyone a chance to enjoy the time we have together. I hope everyone enjoys the next two weeks. I am missing you all and our school but I am enjoying spending lots of time with my own family. Please all take care, stay safe and have as much fun as you can together.

Please find below a short list of websites that you may find useful during the current school closures.


A website using the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme which we use a school each day. During the school closures it has been made free to use for everyone.

A fantastic website for phonics. Create an account and a monster then play the games to unlock new sounds to learn. Free on a laptop but you do have to buy the app on smart phones and tablets.

A website that is great for a range of resources for phonics, writing, reading and maths. Made free to access during the school closures but you may

A website with lots of online Oxford Reading Tree books to read which you could use to extend the reading books that have been sent home. You will need to set up a free account. Choose books to read that match the colour band or stage written on the back of your child’s school reading books.


This website has lots of phonics activities but I find the maths games for counting and understanding number best. We play Shark Numbers in class.

A website that is great for practical problem solving. It can be a little hard to navigate but does have lots of ideas for maths problems.

A website with some interactive and some worksheets if you want to print any off.

The White Rose website is used by a huge number of schools across the country to lead their maths planning and curriculum. If you go to the Year 1 scheme of learning (SOL) and look at the end of the Spring terms you will see the units on measurement we have focusing on.


A fantastic website for science ideas. You will need to set up a free account but it has a great mix of resources to explore any of our Year 1 science topics.

Another site where you need to set up a free account but it has a fantastic range of short science activities with the science explained.


Three websites with lots of information about Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

PE and Forest School

Staying active will be really important during this time. the website above has many dance and movement videos to get your child up and moving. In addition to this, Joe Wicks is running daily workouts for children on his Youtube channel.

There are many Forest Schools ideas online at pintrest and on the Twinkl website. Twinkl is offering a free period of subscription to parents and includes lots of other easy to use curriculum resources. The above file is from the FSC and gives instructions on how to set up a simple weather station.

Some ideas for Forest Schools could be to make a natural collage from things you can find around the garden, make a family of stick people, go on a minibeast hunt, create perfume by mashing things you can find in a pot, make fairy and elf houses, plant some seeds and watch them change.

Learning for Life

This strange situation we all find ourselves in also gives us an opportunity to explore lots of other important practical skills with our children. You could try teaching your child to tie their shoes laces, make a sandwich, use a knife and fork, bake biscuits or make a fruit salad.

The Year 1 Home Learning Gallery

Have a look at how all of your classmates are spending their time at home.