Sports Premium 2017-2018


Since 2013 schools have received additional funding to promote sports and fitness of children.  We have used this money over the years to increase the participation of pupils in all kinds of activities including competitive sports.    We have also used the money to train and develop the skills of teachers and teacher assistants to deliver high quality sports.

Last year at St Michael’s we have spent the sports grant funding on the following:

Activity Impact on learning Future developments
Two sports coaches once a week to teach sports and to train teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistant to promote high quality learning Raised standards in all activities- improved confidence in teaching Gymnastics and Dance Further training to develop teaching skills in other alternative sports
Supply teachers to release the PE coordinator to monitor standards in PE,, attend local meetings with other PE coordinator, attend training courses and other teachers to attend sports fixtures The PE coordinator was able to attend a large number of sporting events with the children, therefore encouraging competitive sport and achievement around the school. The PE coordinator was able to meet with cluster schools, share good practice and organise events. Continue to release PE coordinator to attend meetings and attend sporting fixtures.
Memberships and attendance costs for wide range of sporting activities Children were given opportunities to play competitive sport and represent their schools. Continue to attend local sporting events.  Strengthen links with local schools to organise friendlies.
Purchases of resources for PSHE ( personal, social and health education) and healthy lifestyles Resources used in class throughout school to promote healthy living. Continue to use resources.
Resources to promote whole school sporting values The school adopted the reward system used in these resources. This helped the children think about the behaviour and qualities they need to show when participation in PE and competitive sport. Develop and strengthen school value and rules so they are applicable to PE


Below are summaries of how we propose to spend future money for 2017-2018.

PE sports funding expenditure 2017-2018

School Key Indicator 1: Sustaining and raising participation in competitive sports
School focus: Actions to achieve Evidenced by; Proposal for long term impact
Strengthen links with local schools Termly PE cluster meeting to discuss upcoming competitions and ways of engaging pupils in competitive sport Cluster meeting notes. Continue to meet and organise future events
Encourage more children to play competitive sport Continue to be a member of the school games award. Sign up to competitions that will target lower age groups, girls and children who are disinterested by PE.

Organise girl’s football tournament with cluster schools and a tri-golf tournament to target different children.

Register of children who attended sporting events and competitions. Renew membership with school games.


Continue to organise events with cluster school that will encourage more children to take part in competitive sport.


School Key Indicator 2: Developing resources to promote increased physical activity
School focus: Actions to achieve Evidenced by; Proposal for long term impact
Replenish resources Use the Salisbury’s vouchers to update and replenish school resources for curriculum PE and playtimes. Resource list Replenish resources the following year.


Design a system for storing and sorting the new equipment so it is easier to access.

Invest in equipment for new sports. Purchase a blind football set, a pop lacrosse set, a tri – golf set and a tchuckball set


School Key Indicator 3: Teacher training to develop new skills
School focus: Actions to achieve Evidenced by; Proposal for long term impact
Train teachers to teach new sports Use PE specialist to train teaching staff how to teach unique sports such as pop lacrosse. Teacher and child feedback Keep the new sporting equipment and use for future curriculum PE
Develop knowledge of subject leader Purchase a PE audit PE audit form and feedback Completed and action key finding from audit. Purchase another audit in 2-3 years.
CPD for teachers Purchase specialist coaches to lead sessions in athletics and cricket


School Key Indicator 4: Broader range of sports and activities
School focus: Actions to achieve Evidenced by; Proposal for long term impact
Have a broad range of sports clubs Ensure there is multiple options of sports clubs available including lunchtime clubs. Sports clubs registers Conduct a survey with the children to find out what clubs they would like to see in school
Provide extracurricular sporting opportunities for everyone Start an invitation only lunchtime sports club for children that may not be able to attend other sports clubs. Register for the sports clubs and child feedback Continue next year but review sports taught and children who attended.


Maintenance and renewal of sporting equipment Resources were replenished for curriculum PE and playtime so children had everything they needed for the sports they were learning. Replenish equipment and the end of the year and purchase new equipment for unique sports.



St Michael’s C of E Primary School Sports Premium Funding Provision 2017/18

Physical Education Rationale

At St Michael’s we believe the development in Physical education so all children have opportunities to participate in sports and enjoy their experiences and the success that they have. We have liaised with staff and children to make the best use of out funding, time and resources to improve the quality of sport provision. We encourage children to participate an learn a range of sports and strive to improve their skills in all disciplines and enjoy their physical education

This plan aims to raise the standard of provision throughout school and support further opportunities for pupils in a range of physical activities.

* Our aims for this academic year have been based on the following criteria:

* Increase participation of all pupils in a range of sporting activities

* Encourage participation in new sports by investing in new equipment

* Provide extracurricular sporting activities for all children

* Improve facilities and resources to support teaching the teaching of PE lessons

* Continue to provide professional development opportunities for staff to increase their subject knowledge and confidence at delivering outstanding physical education lessons.

How have we spent the sports premium funding?

The sports premium funding has been spent using guideline set by the government to ensure the funding is used to enhance the current provision for physical education.

What has been the impact so far?

Since the sports premium funding has been available, the participation at after school clubs has increased. Also the number of competition opportunities increase leading to more children gaining experiences at competitive sport and the chance to represent their school. We now have a large range of extracurricular sports clubs such netball, tag rugby, yoga, dance, tennis, girls football and many more. We now have extracurricular clubs also that cater for all primary age ranges from reception to year 6. This has given their children at our school multiple opportunities to be active outside of the PE curriculum each week. The introduction of our girl’s football clubs in lower and upper KS2 has been met with fantastic enthusiasm and participation.

Participate at inter school competitions has also increased with more children than before involved in locally organised sports events and competitions through our membership with South Gloucestershire PA association and other local competitions and friendlies. The number of KS2 children competing in competitions has greatly increased due to our range of clubs.

How will the sports Premium funding be sustainable?

The Sports Premium funding will continue for the foreseeable future. Therefore it is likely to impact our school this year but for some future years to come. Because of this, St Michael’s will be investing some of the funding in equipment and resources to enhance the delivery of the PE curriculum and improve facilities around the school.

Some of the funding has been allocated to hire external coached to deliver curriculum PE and extracurricular clubs. This is to the benefit of children to experience qualifies coached teaching them new sports with unique equipment and to the teaching staff who will be receiving professional development which will aid the delivery of the PE curriculum in the future.

At St Michael’s our motto ‘learn, care and enjoy’ and we aim to reflect these values through PE. We are doing this by training children to become sports leaders and having extra responsibility to help younger children

How will the impact of Sports Premium Funding be measured?

Each year an action plan is undertaken in PE as a part of our school s evaluation review. This action plan will assess the impact of the sports premium funding and help us look at how we can improve and increase participation in PE and sport.

We also evaluate through staff and pupil conferencing where we find out what is working, what can be improved on and how PE is perceived in our school. We use the feedback from pupils to plan our next steps and ensure pupils are enjoying their PE experience and reaching their full potential. Assessments are made termly by the PE coordinator and used to improve teacher delivery and provide constructive feedback.