Pupil Premium 2015-2016

September 2015- September 2016 

The school will receive £32,280 for the financial year 2014-2015 allocated to pupil premium, calculated on the numbers who have free school meals at any time within seven years of primary education, and children of armed service personnel.  This is a decrease from the previous financial year of £7000. However, given the success of some of the strategies and needs of the individual, the school will be reassessed for funding levels in January 2016 for financial period of April 2016-March 2017.  It is expected that the sum of money allocated will be further reduced due to the lower numbers of families applying/eligible for Free School Meals benefits.

This is the way we propose to allocate the money this year.


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Music Tuition

Children will continue to receive music tuition.  We will continue to promote musical tuition in violin or woodwind after assessment of eligible children’s ability to learn an instrument.

Residential Trips

This year we have one residential trip and subsidies were taken up by several parents of children eligible for pupil premium funding.

Play therapist

A play therapist will continue to offer counselling and support to some children and we have expanded this to other children who are assessed in need of this service.  Sessions will vary according to need, either over a ten week programme or longer if required.

SENCO release

Continuing last year’s success this has been extended.  The SENCO will continue to monitor and deliver to eligible children the services they require.  The SENCO will also help deliver feedback sessions to children eligible to receive pupil premium funding.

Individual teaching support

This funding helps release class teachers to feedback on children’s work and to work on improvements.  The release time is covered by qualified teachers taking the rest of the class.

Teacher led group interventions

This is delivered every week in sessions of up to an hour to Year 6 pupils.  Support is given in reading, writing, mathematics, spelling and grammar.  The programme will vary throughout the year targeting Year 2 children in term 3.


These include a range of services and goods including school uniform, Breakfast club attendance and food, attendance at school organised after school clubs,


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