Pupil Premium

September 2014-September 2015

Here is a brief summary of how the money was spent last year and the impact it had.

Music tuition

Up to 8 children benefitted from free music tuition and instrument loan.  Many of these children have now moved to secondary school.

Residential camp

Funding was used this year to subsidise more children than any other year.   A year 6 residential camp took place at The Beacon Youth Centre. A total of 8 children benefitted from this and the feedback from parents and children was that it was a very valuable experience.  In many cases, without this subsidy, the pupils would not have attended.

Play Therapist

A play therapist was engaged last year and of the children she worked with, some pupils qualified for pupil premium funding.  Progress was being made in their well-being.


This year pupil premium money was used to release the SENCO from class to help with the organisation of resources and assessments of pupils.  The impact has been considerable with Speech and Language therapists, educational psychologists and behaviour support mentors becoming involved.

Teacher led intervention groups and individual teacher support

This year several strategies were employed to help children’s learning progress.  The deputy head teacher led small group work in Year 2, 4, 5 and 6 involving some children listed as pupil premium.  Also each class teacher was given time on a one-to-one basis to support and discuss learning for all children listed as pupil premium.  The impact of this support was considerable.  For individual children great progress was made to “close the gap” between those eligible for pupil premium and those not eligible.  However given the small cohorts in our school, the data is not always consist with national data, where larger numbers of cohorts balance out across the country.  Given the impact of this strategy, we plan to continue this next year.