September 2013-September 2014

Here is a brief summary of how the money was spent last year and the impact it had.

Music tuition

8 children benefitted from free music tuition and instrument loan.  More children took advantage of this than any other previous year.  They continued to make good progress in their learning.

Residential camp

Funding was used this year to subsidise more children than any other year.  Two residential camps took place at The Beacon Youth Centre and Kilve Court. A total of 11 children benefitted from this and the feedback back from parent and children that it was a very valuable experience.

Parent support advisor

This is a member of staff who can offer home support for families experiencing challenges or who may need advice.  Of the 6 families she worked with two pupils who qualify for pupil premium funding.

Robotics club

This was a club paid for from pupil premium money.  This was led by a skilled computing tutor who ran the club for ten weeks. Of the pupils who attended many were pupils who qualified for pupil premium funding.  All the children thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning to programme the Lego robots.

Play Therapist

A play therapist was engaged last year and of the children she worked with some pupils who qualified for pupil premium funding.  Progress is being made and the support will continue for some.

Individual support

This was received by one child who had extensive support at home facilitated by mentors.  Several programmes were put in place to help with various issues.


This year pupil premium monety was used to release the SENCO from class to help with the organiseation of resources and assessments of pupils.  The impact has been considerable with Speech and Language therapist, educational psychologists and behaviour support mentors becoming involved.

Year 6  and Year 5 Support teacher

An experienced teacher attended to reinforce learning three mornings a week.  All children who qualified for pupil premium funding in year 5 and 6 benefitted from this as support was either given in a small group regularly in mathematics and Literacy or they benefitted from a smaller class size when the interventions were taken place.  This had the impact of raising achievement for some pupils who had not made expected progress since Key Stage 1.

Teacher Assistant Pre teaching groups of children including pupil premium eligible children, to learn new concepts, to revise previous teaching or to address misconceptions of understanding before the lesson took place.  This help children access the main teaching by the class teacher in the lesson. Feedback from children and the class teacher was very positive and although not directly measureable helped further progress accelerate learning of those children.